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5 Steps To A Kick-ass Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Steps To A Kick-ass Social Media Marketing Strategy

Strategize social media marketingIn this day and age, it’s imperative to have a social media marketing strategy for your business. The meteoric rise in social media users has made social media a key go-to medium when interacting with your customers and potentially increasing your business. It’s no big secret – social media marketing is a big deal! With so many businesses clamouring for consumer attention, the important marketing questions are: how do you make a social media marketing strategy unique? How does your business get noticed in a sea of tweets, posts, videos and ads vying for your customers’ attention?

Lucky for you, we have some answers. Keep reading and you’ll be on your way to a kick-ass strategy in no time!


Social Media Marketing Strategy, Step 1: Identify Your Key Goals

Making goals is a good way to start any project. You need to know where you want to finish up before you start, it’s your business after all and time is money! We think that it’s a good start for a social media marketing strategy too. Think of what you’d like your business to gain by creating a strategy. Are you looking for a higher ROI? Do you want to create a larger fanbase or raise awareness for your brand? Bring more people to your business or increase the quality of a sale? Identifying goals for your business will help focus your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategy, Step 2: Research, Research, Research!

To focus your social media marketing strategy further, start researching your audience. Who does your business target? Researching your customers makes your strategy more effective, since you can customize your strategy to who’s going to be interested. Don’t forget to investigate what platforms your customers prefer and what time they’re likely to be reading. At this point, decide on what you’ll be measuring for success, like number of clicks, how many users saw your post, or how many people interacted with your content. Check your competition to see what they are doing and what customers are asking for too

Social Media Marketing Strategy, Step 3: Captive With Kick-ass Content

You’ve identified your goals and you know your customers inside and out, so now it’s time to create captivating content. Your social media posts and messaging should be interesting and relevant to your users so don’t be afraid to mix it up. Videos, articles, photos and polls keep your feed engaging. If your business is lucky enough to have camera or video-friendly employees with big personalities, use them as part of your strategy! Remember one of the golden rules of social media marketing – create a sound balance between promotional content and everything else you post. Too much promotional content will turn your feed into one long advertisement, which many users avoid like the plague. Be warned!

Social Media Marketing Strategy, Step 4: Engage!

You’ve delivered content to your customers, the next step for your social media marketing strategy is follow-up and engagement. The best social media marketing strategies include your response to feedback, both good and bad. Users feel heard and appreciated when businesses take the time to respond to their comments and questions. Timely responses create a connection with your customers that will encourage them to return, as well as think positively about your business. Set aside time for you or staff to engage with users when you are likely to get responses.

Social Media Marketing Strategy, Step 5: Revisit and Refine.

The last step in a social media marketing strategy is continually improving it. Revisiting what worked or what didn’t work helps to improve the performance of future content. It also provides you an opportunity to refine a goal or change it entirely, should you need to. Not every path is paved with gold so expect things to change from time to time. Get the calendar out and set aside some time regularly to review the success of your content, whether it’s once a week or once a month. Use a small chunk of this time to review your competition as well, it’s time well spent to learn, revisit and refine!

No matter what your business, following these steps will help your social media marketing strategies succeed. In fact, we think it’ll probably be kick-ass! If you would like some advice on a strategy you’re currently running, or you’d like to start a new social media strategy, let us know! We’re ready to bring your social media to the next level so give us a shout today.

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