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Marketing Planning


You are only as good as your plan

Marketing plans by Better Mousetrap Marketing

Get ahead of the game with a sound marketing plan

Think of your Marketing Plan as the blueprint of your business. Without a solid game plan, things will fall through the cracks and you’ll start missing out on lucrative marketing opportunities.

“Not enough time”
“I don’t know where to start”
“Where do I invest my marketing dollars?”
“How beneficial can a 12-month marketing plan really be?”
– Famous words from busy business owner.

We get it, because so often working in the business rather than on the business takes priority. However taking a little extra time to develop a solid 12-month marketing plan will make your life so much easier.

Benefits of a Marketing Plan:

Save you time, no more franticly meeting last-minute deadlines that popped up out of nowhere

Save you money with a well-thought-out marketing budget, spending money in the right places

No more second guessing, make decisions based on fact and analysis

Ensure you’re touching each type of customer with the right blend of marketing mix

Plan and make up for slow seasons and slumps in sales

Maximize your internal and external resources

Look beyond “the now” and strategize for future growth

Solid research will help you identify and differentiate your business from competitors

Benefits of having a Better Mousetrap marketing plan

How is my marketing plan built?

Better Mousetrap Marketing works with you and your management team to develop a comprehensive, in-depth, 6 or 12-month marketing plan. Your plan will be clear, easy to follow, and easy to implement within your budget.

Your plan is developed with the help of Better Mousetrap Marketing’s robust team of experienced marketing professionals. Specifically, we help you:

Identify your business, marketing, and sales goals

Execute competitor analysis and differentiate your business

Conduct a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis

Identify your key target markets and demographics

Analyze your positioning in the marketplace and competitive advantages

Identify marketing tools and tactics that offer the best ROI

Design a marketing calendar and budget that fits with your business

Provide you with a final written plan, documentation, and consulting on how to implement it

I’ve got my Marketing Plan, now what?

A well developed Marketing Plan will get the ball rolling, but even the best plan won’t work if it isn’t followed up with good intentions. The Marketing Plan is your business blueprint and it requires thought and action to use it to its potential.

Build a perfect marketing plan with Better Mousetrap Marketing

We’re planners and we’re do’ers

With your plan in place, we are also experts at implementation and finding solutions that yield results. We offer Marketing Programs on an ongoing monthly or as-needed basis, providing you with the assurance that your newly formulated marketing strategy is in capable hands and executed the right way, the first time.

Learn more about our Marketing Programs here

Ready to reap the rewards? Let us help you get started.

Would you build a house without a blueprint?

So why do most business owners attempt to build a business without building a plan?

  1. unsure as to where or how to get started
  2. don’t have time – too busy working in the business versus “on the business”
  3. unsure about where to invest their marketing dollars
  4. don’t truly recognize the true benefit of a simple 12-month marketing plan
  5. believe that they aren’t really necessary

A well-researched and thoughtfully developed marketing plan is crucial to the success of your business. It will save time and money in wasted, uncoordinated efforts.

How is my Marketing Plan is built?

Better Mousetrap Marketing will work with you and your management team to develop a comprehensive, in-depth, 6 or 12-month marketing plan. Your plan will be clear, easy to follow, and easy to implement within your budget.

With Better Mousetrap Marketing you have a team of marketing professionals with experience and expertise working with you too. Specifically we:

  • Identify your business, marketing and sales goals
  • Execute a competitor analysis
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis on your business
  • Identify your key target markets and demographics
  • Analyze your positioning in the marketplace and competitive advantages
  • Identify marketing tools and tactics that offer the best ROI to your business
  • Design a marketing calendar and marketing budget that is fitting for your business
  • Provide you with a written plan and documentation

What happens after my Marketing Plan is built?

A marketing plan may be all you need to get you on track, or you may have learned the hard way that even great plans don’t work when they’re only followed up with good intentions.

At Better Mousetrap Marketing we’re very enthusiastic about finding solutions and getting results by helping businesses implement the very plans that we’ve developed.

Whether you choose to retain us on a monthly basis or hire us on an as-needed basis, we excel at helping business owners stay on track and on budget. Our monthly marketing programs may be the perfect thing, providing you with the assurance that your newly formulated marketing strategy is implemented. More on our Marketing Programs (link).

At Better Mousetrap Marketing, we develop and implement marketing plans for clients in Campbell River, Courtenay, Comox, Parksville, Nanaimo, Victoria and the Lower Mainland, BC.

budgetglass_crest_final-copy-225-png“Better Mousetrap formulated a comprehensive full service marketing program based on a series of interviews and questionnaires helping us to redefine our marketing strengths, weaknesses, goals, and budgets.

They’ve been instrumental in assisting us with the intricate nuances of an ever changing Multi-media marketing culture. Their team has helped bring a remarkable level of understanding to an otherwise convoluted marketing paradigm.”  Brian Dusch, Budget Glass


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