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Social Media Marketing


Be momentworthy

Hello social butterfly, we’ve been waiting for you

Our marketing experts in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island know social media is a powerful tool. While it may not be so new anymore, we know it isn’t going anywhere, and there are always new tools and rules popping up. This can be frightening for a lot of businesses owners but luckily for you, there are people like us. We love social (maybe a little too much), but how can you not we’ve got it down to a science?

Here’s how we do it:

Customized approach to social media marketing

Customized Approach

We don’t lump every social media channel into one. Each has its own personality and requires its own strategic business approach.

Just like the social tools, your business isn’t lumped into a generic social media marketing strategy. We take the time to understand your target markets and tailor content specifically to their needs.

Tailored social media content by Better Mousetrap Marketing

Tailored Content

With a deep understanding of each social network (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.) we create content for the individual channel’s demographic.

After setting up your account, one of that hardest parts is coming up with current, insightful, and “like-worthy” content. We will provide you with a schedule and steady stream of social media posts, pictures, ads, and more to keep your pages fresh.

Increase your social media online reputation with Better Mousetrap Marketing

Online Reputation

The final piece of the puzzle is to actively engage with and more importantly listen to your followers. Social media marketing is a place to gain valuable insight from your consumers. We provide you with the tools to gain a solid understanding of how, when, and what you should be saying online.

Want social media off your mind completely? We can fully take the reins and post content, respond to comments, and answer questions on your behalf.

Better Mousetrap Marketing has all of the tools to elevate your online presence and spark action, one click, one share, one conversion at a time. But, above all, we’ll make things easy for you with these three steps:

Generate more web traffic

Increase brand awareness

Gain a robust online presence

Reach and interact with customers

Expand market reach

Produce more leads