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Our Services


The three step program

Step 1 of our Better Mousetrap Marketing process

Step 1: Plan

While the best marketing stems from creativity and free spirited innovation, none of that is successful without a solid plan. A Marketing Plan is a structured blueprint that organizes budget, strategy and people to help you gain the best ROI.

Identify sales goals

Develop positioning strategy

Identify best places to advertise

Develop a yearly budget

Create 12 month marketing calendar

Step 2 of Better Mousetrap Marketing process

Step 2: Build

“If you build it they will come.” Here is where we build the strategies and tools to support your Marketing Plan. This stage is more than just marketing, it’s adding personality and fostering engagement to position you as the brand leader.

Step 3 of Better Mousetrap Marketing process

Step 3: Grow

Marketing is like farming. With the seeds now planted, it’s time to finetune, nurture, and adapt to external factors in order to yield the very best crop. This process is never stagnant and always fluid. We will continuously monitor and adjust your marketing initiatives to create the best ROI.

A la carte services

Sometimes you already have the trap set up and you’re just missing the bait. This is where our a la carte marketing services come into play to make your mousetrap, well, better. We offer everything listed below and anything else you might dream up.

Looking for something more comprehensive?

Check out our Monthly Marketing Packages that encompass all these services and more.