Why Is Video Marketing So Important Now? Video Series - Part 1 - Better Mousetrap Marketing Ltd
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Why Is Video Marketing So Important Now? Video Series – Part 1

Why Is Video Marketing So Important Now? Video Series – Part 1

Why Video?

Video has come along way from the early days when you basically needed a small refrigerator to film anything…now video is shot with a cell phone no bigger than a hand!  That’s one of the reasons video marketing is so popular now! In addition to its easy access, it’s also an easy-to-digest format that gives our eyes a rest from the overwhelming amount of textual info online.

This is why the world watches over 1 billion hours of YouTube social videos per day and internet videos account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic, so the time to get on board is now!

Video is a versatile, entertaining, and engaging content format that not only gives us a real-life picture of what is going on; it’s also easy to share across multiple platforms.  It’s also very accessible to anyone with internet access, both to watch and produce, although there is certainly a trend towards higher quality video on a professional level.  It’s easy to look like an amateur if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Types of Video

Even though it is easy to produce, to be EFFECTIVE you still want to understand WHY you are creating the video, HOW it fits into your content marketing strategy and which TYPE of video is best suited to your need. To that end, you want to make sure that both the video type and the channel (if you’re posting on social media) fit the purpose of the video itself.

Here’s an overview of different types of videos:

EDUCATIONAL – video hosts will help educate viewers about the product/service/topic and this can be combined with instructions, customer service activities and other applications.

Here’s an example of an educational video that Better Mousetrap produced for our client Modern Windows:

INTERVIEWS – these can help encourage conversation between sides or showcase a special guest or influencer. These are also great if you want to re-use the audio and market it as a podcast. 

DEMOS/REVIEWS – this type of video has really taken off with channels like TikTok where an influencer will promote products (in exchange for free products of course!)  You are essentially getting free advertising! You can also get free market if the person/people doing the video get(s) lots of reviews and comments.

LIVE – Live video is the best chance to get up close and personal with your audience, and it works well on social channels in particular.  Setting up regular times to go ‘live’ with your audience (ie. Once per week) keeps your viewers engaged.

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