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Tips For Effective Video Marketing – Video Series – Part 3

Tips For Effective Video Marketing – Video Series – Part 3

Now we have outlined why you need to include video into your marketing plan, how do you actually go about making a video that’s engaging and effective? Here are some tips:

First, you need to figure out the appropriate video length for your platform – here’s what Hubspot recommends:

  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • Twitter: 45 seconds
  • Facebook: 1 minute 
  • YouTube: 2 minutes 

After video length, you’ll likely need the help of a marketing pro to ensure the best engagement and accessibility.  There are ways to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including using captions for autoplay and keeping the video on silent if it’s on a landing page. Videos on landing pages can be very effective but only if they don’t scare viewers away. You’ll also want to be sure to keep your video mobile friendly across the board.

Producing the video has its own series of tips but a few key notes are LIGHTING, SOUND and positioning of the CAMERA.  If you’re using a cell phone, then you need to hold the phone in the vertical position when filming.  Stats are showing that over 75% of video viewing is mobile and almost all platforms (YouTube is an exception) are viewed vertically.

One of the hottest items to buy in 2020 was a RING LIGHT to give you a nice, even all-over glow.  Now we now how the movie stars do it!!!

After you’ve done all this work, you want to check your metrics to see how your video(s) are performing. You can create a library of various videos and keep them organized in YouTube, then incorporate them into various forms of content such as blogs, posts and emails. Depending on your metrics, you can tweak the content for the next video and/or change some of the SEO tactics to be more effective.

And don’t forget about your call-to-action…you can’t do all of this work and not ask your viewers to ENGAGE.  On YouTube that usually consists of a little annotation suggesting that users subscribe to your channel or for other platforms, driving traffic to your website.


Video is one of the most popular content forms in the world and from what we experienced in 2020, that trend is only going to increase.  It comes down to simple science – our brains can process visuals much quicker than it can text. About 90% of the total information transmitted to our brains is visual. On top of that, our brain can process these visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

Since a 1 minute video can be worth 1.8 million words, it’s easy to see that videos grab people’s attention!  They are more engaging and promote better brand recall.

And video is fun! It’s really one of the best ways to get up close to your audience and give them a real glimpse of what you and your business or your clients are doing. The key here is to think beyond profit and product – be AUTHENTIC and give them something valuable that they can’t just read online. 

At the end of the day, the success of any marketing campaign is based on conversions, or in other words: how many people bought or expressed interest in your product or service. Videos do a great job of pushing customers closer and closer to purchase…and that is worth its weight in beta tapes! Please browse our website for more tips and tricks for video marketing in Vancouver Island and other locations.

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