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SEO or PPC? How to Decide on Your Strategy.

SEO or PPC? How to Decide on Your Strategy.

Wondering whether SEO or PPC is the right digital marketing strategy for your business to attract new leads? Let’s look at these two options, what they do, and how you can make them work together for your company’s success.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy that directs the right traffic to your site by including keywords and page architecture that let search engines easily read and correctly index the site. SEO lets the search engine’s bots know what the site is about, that it’s easy to read, and that it contains valuable information. Strong SEO relies on well-researched keywords developed using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Moz.

That’s the present. What’s the future?

Voice search will overtake traditional search. An estimated 30-50% of searches in 2020 are expected to be voice searches. That means search engines will rank pages with natural-language questions higher than those with traditional keyword search strings. Still, 62% of companies have no plan to make their SEO voice friendly. Better Mousetrap Marketing is well positioned to help Vancouver Island businesses in the Courtenay, Nanaimo, and Parksville areas get prepared for voice search.

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the method sites use to pay Google, Facebook, Amazon or another site for ranking them at the top or bottom of the first page. Part of the larger sector of paid search, PPC is a way to buy personalized ads on a major site and pay according to the number of clicks rather than a set fee.

Do a Google or Facebook search on a favourite topic. Notice the top ranked sites. They have a box with the word Ad in it next to them. That’s because these sites paid Google Adwords or Facebook Ads for their business to rank in that space. If you click on the ad, the company will owe Google a few cents for your click.

When is SEO the best strategy for me?

SEO is always a great strategy. Any marketing planning process should take into account the power and cost-effectiveness of SEO. A solid SEO strategy needs careful keyword research, top-quality written content, an engaging title, and a seamless user experience. To make SEO work for you, consider bringing on a professional firm like Better Mousetrap Marketing. It’s too easy to make mistakes that sink your site. And remember, SEO is a slow build.

When is PPC the best choice?

Most new businesses need to start doing PPC advertising right out of the gate. Google and Facebook ads are highly visible, personalized, targeted, and fast. To kick off a new business on the internet may take too much time using SEO alone. PPC can help by offering stability, plenty of fresh customer data, and purchase-ready leads. It can be expensive, though, so it’s best done with professional guidance.

How do PPC and SEO work together?

A marketing plan isn’t about SEO vs. PPC. Rather, a strong plan will integrate the two approaches. This strategy maximizes visibility, minimizes cost, and tests data almost as soon as it’s acquired.

Contact us at Better Mousetrap Marketing to learn more about building an SEO and PPC integrated marketing initiative.

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