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Palliser Beyond Borders

A sample of marketing services provided to Palliser Beyond Borders in Alberta including web design, marketing planning, and advertising campaign.

About This Project

Better Mouse Trap Marketing spent a lot of time understanding our story. They helped us show that story to our parent and student audience by rebranding our image. They worked with our website developer to create an appealing website that shows how we serve four markets. Jason Clayton helped us define our services in a new tag line. Judy Wing enhanced the script on our web pages to optimize for search engines…Jason brought skills to our team that complemented ours. There are folks who can hear a story and tell it back to you. Then there is Better Mousetrap Marketing and Jason Clayton who understands the story, and brings it to life.


Alsion Hancox, Principal, Palliser Beyond Borders

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Advertising Campaign, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Logo & Brand Development, Marketing Planning, Online Strategy Development, SEO, Social Networking, Website Design