Judy Wing | Marketing

Judy Wing is an account manager and one of the in-house copywriters at Better Mousetrap Marketing who helps to source content, implement SEO strategies, and brainstorm for creative ideas.  

Judy's professional  background is in business administration and marketing, with experience in online distribution and franchise environments.  Her interest in songwriting and her community involvement as a local performer  finds a practical expression in lyrical taglines, theme songs, jingles, and creative concepts.

P. 250.871.8727
E. judy@bettermousetrap.ca

Follow the Leaders - Online Contests

August 7, 2013

If you pulled into a parking lot and saw a large group of people gathered and socializing, wouldn’t you be curious to know what had attracted their attention? As social beings, we are generally attracted to groups and it is part of our nature to be influenced and persuaded by the opinions of other…

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SEO - A Long Game of Monopoly

June 5, 2013

Top positions in Google rankings are a dynamic territory that is constantly changing. New websites appear, old ones disappear, content changes, and best practices and protocols evolve sometimes overnight.  Search engine optimization, referred to as SEO, is an ongoing marketing task that feels a bit …

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