Heard of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon? Well, there’s barely one degree of separation when it comes to web designers. Everyone knows at least one. But not all websites are created equal. At Better Mousetrap Marketing, we take web development seriously to build the right web presence for your business. A strong web presence means you can effectively extend your company’s reach, educate customers, increase sales, or just entertain the crowds. Designing everything from simple to complex sites, our web designers have mad skills.

Web programmers (sometimes referred to as “the artists-formerly-known as geeks”), work behind the scenes to create the seamless exchange of information between you and your customer.  While our web designers focus on the visual appeal of your website, ensuring that your website is user-friendly and that the information is easy to find, our web programmers are highly  techno-literate and don’t glaze over when they hear the word “algorithm”. They know how to create the framework that will allow your website to function smoothly and get the best results. Working with the concepts created by our  graphic designers, the web programmers at Better Mousetrap Marketing will ensure your website is attractive, informative, easy to navigate, and visible in search engine results.

Contact us to learn more about how Better Mousetrap Marketing can improve your web presence. We serve clients in Campbell River, Courtenay, Comox, Parksville, Nanaimo, Victoria, and the Lower Mainland, BC.