Mobile Marketing - Get Your Apps in Gear

April 11, 2013

There’s little argument that the next wave of mainstream marketing is going mobile, meaning that most businesses will be applying at least some of their marketing budget to mobile marketing strategies. With the growing use of smart phones and tablet devices and the popularity of mobile banking, e-wallet and mobile credit card processing apps like “Square”, business happens wherever people can communicate. It was only a couple of years ago that business owners were wondering whether it was worth their time to commit to a social media strategy.  Now it’s a standard business practice to include at least a Facebook icon on your company website to prove that you're social media savvy. 

The market research information available on Google Think Insights is interesting and shows that 77% of all mobile searches occur at home or from the work place. This means that if you're considering mobile marketing, you're potential customer isn't just the person who is physically out and about. The speed and convenience of a mobile search is causing people to prefer to do their online searches from a mobile device. Also of interest, the average mobile search results in at least one follow through action. No surprise, predictions for an increase in mobile device usage shows that we're on the margins of another mainstream event. Prepare to get mobile, and get your apps in gear. Our suggestion? Why not read a little more, just to get your feet wet?

What does a mobile marketing strategy include? It means integrating all of the value you offer through your current branding and marketing and making it available to customers who are using mobile devices. It could mean creating a version of your website especially for mobile devices so that your content looks good whether it’s viewed on a smartphone or on a desktop computer monitor.It could mean geotargeting mobile advertising campaigns through Google Adwords to customers in specific regions, or rewarding your customers using a customized mobile app so they can collect points towards discounts or free gifts. There are also options of incorporating short code messaging to your promotions or QR codes to help track the ROI of your advertising.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at mobile marketing  and how it applies to our latest offering of customized mobile apps.  Check back as we explore different business scenarios to see how mobile apps can improve your customers’ experience and add to your bottom line.


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