SEO - A Long Game of Monopoly

June 5, 2013

Top positions in Google rankings are a dynamic territory that is constantly changing. New websites appear, old ones disappear, content changes, and best practices and protocols evolve sometimes overnight.  Search engine optimization, referred to as SEO, is an ongoing marketing task that feels a bit like that long game of Monopoly you were forced to play with your visiting cousin.

The constant jockeying for position amongst online competitors for the prime real estate of first page rankings could also be compared to a Monopoly board. Park Place and Boardwalk are the most prized positions of #1 and #2. No one is paying much attention to Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue, which could be compared to anything beyond the first 3 pages of the search results. It’s better than having no online presence at all, and at least you’re in the game. The good news is that there’s always room for improvement and some basic strategies can be used to improve your placement.

A website has both instant and long term rewards. The minute your website is live, you can start directing customers to it using all of your other marketing materials. Making sure potential customers who don’t know about your business (yet) can find you doing an online search is the goal of SEO. The two most common misconceptions about SEO are that top rankings are instant and permanent. Neither is true, and it takes some diligence to get and maintain your rankings.

  1. Initial SEO – Creating strong, relevant content for your website that is relevant to those who are searching.
  2. SEO Strategy – An SEO strategy uses various tools to build an ongoing online presence.
  3. Ongoing SEO – Monitoring your Google ranking results on a regular basis and making adjustments allows you to keep your website visible and relevant to search engines.

If you already own a website, we’re happy to offer a review and make recommendations to improve your position. If you’re considering a having a website designed, starting with an optimized site will help you benefit from your investment faster.


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