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August 7, 2013

If you pulled into a parking lot and saw a large group of people gathered and socializing, wouldn’t you be curious to know what had attracted their attention? As social beings, we are generally attracted to groups and it is part of our nature to be influenced and persuaded by the opinions of others. As a Facebook business page owner, you have officially invited the gathering of your own group. Who’s invited? Pretty well anyone who pulls into the parking lot. Your fans, your customers, your friends, and friends of their friends.

So how do you get people to follow you? The most successful groups are active, dynamic and offer something valuable to their followers. That valuable “something” can be information, instruction, promotions, ideas, humour, or inspiration. The more consistently you can provide engaging content, the more loyal your followers become. If you’re building an online following, a great way to attract people to your Facebook page is through an online contest or sweepstakes. It’s also a fun way to reward those who have been following you, and influencing others to do the same.

There are lots of different contests you can run from simple “Enter to Win” contests, to themed photo contests, adding creative captions, or collecting votes for popular opinion tug of wars. Here are a few examples:

Event Promotion Contest

The Vancouver Island Visitor Centre is currently offering a chance to win tickets to the Comox Air Show from the Vancouver Island Visitor Centre. It’s easy to enter, and the prize is directly related to the services they offer every day- the promotion of regional attractions. If you’re planning a special event, an online contest is a great way to get the word out.

Enter to Win
Local real estate agent Tracy Fogtmann regularly offers her Facebook followers unique and creative ideas for the home that people like to share with their friends. She loves meeting new people, and is inviting new followers to her page with a simple sign up to enter contest. The prize of a Beverly Chair and a $100 gift certificate from Rattan Plus Home and Patio is the perfect incentive for those interested in homes and stylish décor. 

Creative Caption Contest
Personal expression is the mantra of every successful hair salon, and we’ve worked with Xpressions Hair Studio to design a contest that encourages that. Feeling witty? You can add your cheeky caption to the Vintage Photo of the Month for a chance to win fabulous prizes of hair products.

Need an idea for a contest? We can customize a contest your fans will love! (Read our previous blog "Facebook Contests - Staying Legit”.) Give us a call, and let’s talk.


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